VPN solution

Barry Irwin bvi at itouchlabs.com
Mon Apr 28 10:47:26 PDT 2003

Unfortunately nothing that I'm aware of , however some well designed shell
scripts should be able to get you round most of the problems.

I use a script for the setkey settings where you drop a vpnname.cf file in a
directory, and its added from there.  You can also use load <vpnname> and
delete vpnname.

Should be able to do something similar with iksampd/racoon ( although I've
never really got the racoon include stuff working).

If you interested in discussing details contact me directly.



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> Hello
> A company has asked me about a VPN/Firewall solution using FreeBSD, I
> will setup the server but then they might want to configure some of the
> stuff themself, is there any good (and semi easy) web/X11 GUI for them
> to use for isakmpd and ipfw?
> /John
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