/kernel: arp messages

Dave [Hawk-Systems] dave at hawk-systems.com
Fri Apr 25 05:57:48 PDT 2003

web server, not performing any bridging or routing, just happens to be hosting
sites off two different networks.

fxp0 runs off of 206.47.xxx.0/24 network
fxp1 runs off of 205.233.xxx.0/24 network

sites appear to be responding ok, but the kernal appears to be having a fi and
spitting out these arp messages...  other than two ifconfig statments (one per
interface) nothing else is in my rc.conf.

Most of the solutions I've dug up online have to do with NAT, bridging, etc...
not what I need this box to do...  just serve websites from ip addresses that
aren't in the same netblock.

appreciate insight/comments.


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