multiple SSL key's on one IP several Vhosts...

Andrew Lewis andrew at
Wed Apr 16 07:15:32 PDT 2003

Just to be clear on what I'm reading...

Apache is listening on a single IP, ports 443 and 80.
Apache hosts multiple http sites with name based virtual hosts
Apache also hosts multiple https sites with their own certificates
( and as name based virtual hosts.


I understood this to be an impossible task with https servers, based on the
key exchange process.

Am I reading that apache does this just fine?  If so I know some developers
who will be thrilled.

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> > It's from May 1999, but looks possible since different 
> certs are bing
> > used for different IP/domains; however I have the feeling 
> apache will
> > choke on the second ssl IP. Has anyone used a similar setup or have
> > comments?
> works fine. I was using apache-modssl in my case.
> Noah.
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