Trafic control

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Tue Apr 15 10:03:38 PDT 2003


a realname might extremely increase your chances of getting answers

> I am interested in monitoring the traffic on some of the services on my
> FreeBSD server.
> Mail:
> Qmail + courier imap as imap server.

user based traffic evaluation is one of the most ugly things qmail offers

> ----
> Any input on monitoring the SMTP, imap, and incomming mail traffic per
> user?

use mailfront ( There you get the necessary logs (not
sure about courier imap which offers the necessary info itsself imho). The
mailfront logs are way easyer to evaluate than stock qmail logs. Things like
smtp-auth and user-based accounting is even impossible with the standard
smtp-auth patches. With mailfront it works like a charme.



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