Hardware Crypto support (RSA acceleration)

Rene de Vries rene at tunix.nl
Tue Apr 15 05:15:36 PDT 2003


We already contacted Rainbow and they've sent us probable the same 
stuff they sent you. What they sent us were some drivers (version 2.0.5 
and 2.1.5) which were incomplete and nonfunctional with the 2.1.0 
libraries. They also offered us to pay for the driver (same amount of 
money as in your offer).
In short we were disappointed in the level of support we got from 


On Tuesday, Apr 15, 2003, at 13:35 Europe/Amsterdam, Martin Nilsson 
> I've tried to make the old cswift driver from Rainbow work with modern 
> FreeBSD:s. The problem is that Rainbow (at least their channel manager 
> for northern Europe) is very uncooperative and does not understand 
> that I want to help them (and myself) to get their drivers to work 
> with modern FreeBSD versions. I have managed to get part of the source 
> code for the driver from them but I think that some of the .h files 
> that I have only found in the LinuxAPI are too old.
> I'm able to compile and run the driver on 4.8 but the communication 
> between their binary-only library and the driver seems to be somewhat 
> out of whack, as the accelerators are always reported to be busy.
> If you could pester the european office for FreeBSD support, I think 
> that my next request for help in digging up source files will have 
> better chances to be successful.
> This is the last reply I got from them:
> > For us to come up with what you require, the cost to bear for you on
> > top of the purchase of any board would be of $7000 - $10000.
> All I asked for was source for the driver together with a libswift.so 
> that was the same version as the source. I think that $10000 is a bit 
> to much to spend on two $50 cards from ebay.
> I have been swamped with other work the last month, so this project 
> have been stalled since I got the above response on 24/3.
> 	/Martin
> Rene de Vries wrote:
>> For an SSL based application we are using the Rainbow CryptoSwift (a 
>> PCI card with RSA acceleration). This works fine on FreeBSD 4.1, but 
>> as we upgraded to FreeBSD 4.7 the driver panics the kernel.
>> We asked Rainbow for a driver update, but they told us that FreeBSD 
>> 4.7 drivers are not available. Rainbow used to mention FreeBSD as a 
>> supported OS, but in the meantime they removed all references to 
>> FreeBSD...
>> Does anyone have an idea on either a replacement card or (even 
>> better) fixes for the Rainbow drivers?
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