Hardware Crypto support (RSA acceleration)

Rene de Vries rene at tunix.nl
Tue Apr 15 04:05:10 PDT 2003


For an SSL based application we are using the Rainbow CryptoSwift (a 
PCI card with RSA acceleration). This works fine on FreeBSD 4.1, but as 
we upgraded to FreeBSD 4.7 the driver panics the kernel.
We asked Rainbow for a driver update, but they told us that FreeBSD 4.7 
drivers are not available. Rainbow used to mention FreeBSD as a 
supported OS, but in the meantime they removed all references to 
Does anyone have an idea on either a replacement card or (even better) 
fixes for the Rainbow drivers?


Rene de Vries <rene at tunix.nl>
TUNIX Internet Security & Training

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