"pipe sharing program", something like cbq

Frank Reppin shauwn at relay.boerde.de
Sun Apr 13 15:04:33 PDT 2003

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003, Alexander wrote:

> Hello !


> I'm looking a program that can do the following stuff:
> If I have 5 clients, each of them with 64k pipe and all of them share a
> 256k pipe. And at a certain time some of the clients are using their full
> 64k capacity and the others are using not pretty much (like just browsing
> sites or just idling), so the program should notice that and get some from
> the 64k pipe of each idler and share it through the rest of active users.



should fulfil your needs.
You can define classes within CBQ and those classes
can borrow 'unused' bandwidth from their respective

Best regards,

Frank Reppin

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