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Sat Apr 12 00:36:57 PDT 2003

Hi All,

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 12:07:23PM +0200, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> Hi!
> > > i want to add a serial console with a cellular mobile phone to my freebsd
> > > boxes.
> [...]
> > Not so sure about what you are after, but I *THINK* you will need to build 
> > ports/comms/gnokii 
> > and then run gnokiid. That should give you a "normal" serial /modem interface 
> > to the phone.
> The problem is probably the other way round ?
> How does one call the mobile phone in such a way that it accepts the
> call and acts like a serial modem to the computer ?
> A normal serial line on a nokia can be used as an outdial modem.
> The problem is: How to use it for a dial*in* ?

First see if the Nokia allows setting up the modem to auto answer
the call.  In Hayes lingo one would send


where 2 is the number of rings after which the modem auto answers,
0 meaning don't answer automatically.

If this doesn't work, see if the modem tells you when a call comes
in, usually with the message RING (you can tell this by using tip
or cu to get an interactive session to the modem and then dial the
number of the Nokia from another line).

If the Nokia shows the RING message you can still have your
auto-answer by using the mgetty+sendfax port.

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Good luck!

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