load testing and tuning a 4GB RAM server

Mattias Pantzare pantzer at ludd.luth.se
Sun Apr 6 12:53:59 PDT 2003

Support wrote:
> [..clip..]
>>However, possibly with a degree of self-contradictory advice :-), I'd
>>set maxusers to a specific value like 256 or so.
> I will set it to 384 that the system already auto-defaults it to, unless
> someone can suggest why I should leave it at 0. Perhaps you guys should
> make it very clear in the manuals or LINT that autotuning only happens at
> boot time because there possibly is a perception that it auto-tunes on a
> running system. Even after I read all threads regarding this that I can
> find, I am still not sure what sysctl vars will be able to auto-tune at
> RUNTIME while the load creeps up. I am sure the important ones like
> nmbclusters and n/mbuf variables can't. So which can?

The sysctl vars that you can set will not auto-tune, that would be bad 
as that
would destroy you setting. If a resource is auto-tuing then you set the 
with the sysctl.

The autotuing of maxusers is based on your amount of RAM, that will not 
while the system is running.

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