ISDN4BSD on 8-current

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at
Mon Jun 8 08:08:37 UTC 2009


I'm writing this e-mail to inform you that my ISDN4BSD package has been 
updated to compile on FreeBSD 8-current as of today.

The install instructions are now the same for all supported operating systems.

svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn \
      checkout svn://
# The following commands will 
# install the driver on FreeBSD:
cd i4b/trunk/i4b/FreeBSD.i4b
make S=../src package
make install

BTW: I'm working on a new version of ISDN4BSD, which is not finished, and the 
code is available from the i4b/trunk/openzap.hps .

One new feature I'm planning is support for Analog phone adapters.


The ISDN hardware might not be the most popular today, but the logic behind it 
has not expired yet. ISDN4BSD was originally developed by Hellmuth Michaelis 
and later forked by me. ISDN4BSD is an advanced and security enhanced 
telephony solution which has resisted time and hacking. ISDN4BSD has many old  
features ranging from DTMF detection and integer FFT echo cancelling to full 
symmetric EuroISDN (DSS1) support and a chan_capi.hps plugin for Asterisk 1.2 
- 1.6 and compatible.


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