ipfw+dummynet bandwidth control for multi-ip jail

Jone Jas jas_arlerr at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Jul 22 16:53:40 GMT 2005

Hi list
    I have a jail with 4 ips, say, the net interface is lnc0.
I would like to use ipfw(8) and dummynet to control the bandwidth of the 
jail, also the different ips. I know that only limit the jail's inbound and 
outbound bandwidth is very simple. But for the multi-ip jail, I guess that
I should use the dynamic queue rules of ipfw(8). 
    My idea is like this: configure the jail's pipe for given bandwidth, 
while the 4 ips with 4 queues with different weights. The jail's pipe is 
the 4 queues' parent pipe. They share the pipe's bandwidth. The 4 
queues can be created using the "mask" option in ipfw(8) rule. Is this 
    I've read the ipfw(8) man page, but found ALMOST nothing about the 
jail related configuration. I also googled the Internet, few things helpful. I 
am not very familiar with ipfw and dummynet. Any one with any hints or 
directions is appreciated!


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