Trying to understand dynamic rules

Oliver Fromme olli at
Mon Jul 18 11:21:04 GMT 2005

Francisco Reyes <lists at> wrote:
 > Basically I keep track of attempts to connect to the SSH port. Any IP that 
 > tries to connect using a non existing user numerous times I run a script 
 > and blackhole the IP.

That's probably OK, because the source IP cannot easily be
spoofed in that case.  But ...

 > What I would like was if IPFW would see numerous attempts to connect to 
 > SSH from the same IP and automatically create a rule to not allow that IP 
 > to connect at all to my machine. Is this possible?

It's possible, but it's probably _not_ a good idea, because
an attacker can easily perform a denial-of-service attack
against your machine.  For example, he can make several
connection attempts to your machine, using -- say -- the IP
addresses of your DNS servers as source IPs (or any other
address that might be important to you).  Then you would
blackhole your own DNS servers.

I recommend that you just ignore such attempts.  If your
filter rules are OK and your ssh configuration is OK (and
your passwords are OK, _if_ you allow password authenti-
cation), then there's no reason to worry.  If any of those
are not OK, then fix them first, because blackholing IPs
won't save you anyway.

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