Traffic quota features in IPFW

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Sat Jul 16 17:24:16 GMT 2005

On Saturday 16 July 2005 13:23, Chris Dionissopoulos wrote: 
> codind skills are not enough, but right now  I cannot see any other
> way to  add new  features in  ipfw ...

IMO ipfw do not need new feature right now but some housekeeping. I 
think there are some issues outstanding before adding anything and 
also ipfw is still very sympathic because it has not so much 
confusing options.

p.s. this is not about your patch it is my general opinion

> Hmm, do you have a small example. I 'm really intrested for this,
> and I can't think any.

you can write count rules, awk and sum the numbers and inject a deny 
rule when coming to the limit, I believe still less complicated and 
more individual then an ipfw integrated option.



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