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Mon May 17 08:11:21 PDT 2004

On Monday 17 May 2004 15:12, JJB wrote:
> Now wouldn't it just be better all the way around to create the IPFW
> loadable module that is distributed with the system, with the
> correct divert and logging options so it's not an mandatory
> requirement to compile the kernel.

It wold be fine to have a ipdivert.ko that could be loaded on demand of 
ipfw.ko or via /etc/rc.d/natd. I think the main reason why we have no 
ipdivert.ko around is that the ipdivert code toches severeal kernel sources. 
As I understand it, the divert proto is not just a piece of code that could 
simply pluged in and out (for now).

I have no problem with logging diabled by default, as enabling needs only one 
line in rc.conf.     

ps: please dont top-post and use some indentation character for quoting of old 
message text. This makes reading much easier.      

> Why make this so difficult for 
> the normal user?. Simpler and easier is always better than more
> complicated. Look at it this way, A firewall without logging is
> useless, and the majority of people who use IPFW have an lan behind
> their IPFW firewall, so the sensible thing to do is distribute the
> IPFW loadable module configured in an manner to address the needs of
> the largest user group. As it's distributed now the loadable module
> is all most completely useless so why even have one?
> My personal option is the IPFW loadable module is not configured
> correctly and needs to be corrected.
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> On Saturday 15 May 2004 18:56, JJB wrote:
> > You are wrong also. The boot time message that displays about the
> > ipfw module being loaded is incorrect. I filed an PR on that in
> 5.1
> > and was told by developers that message is misleading, that the
> > module is fully enabled with nat and logging, so I tested and
> indeed
> > nat and logging is really in the loadable module.  It's my
> > understanding the boot time message that displays about the ipfw
> > module being loaded that says everything is disabled will be
> > corrected in 5.3.  What is in the 5.2.1 ipfw module I do not know.
> > My advice is to test ipfw module before adding ipfw option
> > statements to kernel. That's why the 5.x versions are development
> > versions, things change all the time until that get corrected
> before
> > be coming stable releases. This is all new because ipfw2 replaced
> > ipfw at the 5.1 version I believe.  Just think about it, why have
> an
> > loadable module if all the options are turned off, it makes the
> > module useless.  Ipfilter's loadable module is full function with
> > nat and logging why should the ipfw module be any different? It's
> > just that stupid message that has been misleading users all this
> > time just like it did to me. If nat and logging is missing from
> the
> > ipfw loadable module in 5.2.1 then submit another PR to remind
> then
> > it needs to be corrected. Nat and logging are the most used
> options
> > of ipfw, it's just plain stupid not to have then included in the
> > standard module.
> If a user wants ipfw to issue the correct initial divert message,
> it's still
> required to compile ipfw into the kernel. This means 'option
> required as stated in the natd manual.
> Actually on 5.2-current the ipfw module doesn't know if the kernel
> has been
> compiled with ipdivert proto. This causes the wrong 'divert
> disabled' initial
> message.
> I will file a PR on the wrong initial divert message issue tomorrow.
> If the
> ipdivert proto capability could be retrieved via divcb sysctl or any
> other
> mechanism, it might become possible that the ipfw kld could issue
> the correct
> divert message.
> Disabling of the divert message in case the ipfw has been compiled
> as kld
> could be a simpler solution.
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