5.2 Bridging issue

Aaron D. Gifford agifford at infowest.com
Thu Feb 12 13:04:48 PST 2004

I asked:
>> I've got a bridge(4) issue on a BSD 5.2.1 box.  The bridging box has 
>> three ethernet interfaces, two bridged together in a single cluster, 
>> and one connected to the internet.  The box acts as a bridge for the 
>> two network segments, and as a router to the Internet (it's the 
>> default gateway).  The problem is, only one of the bridged segments 
>> can communicate with the BSD box directly (and thus the Internet), 
>> even though the two segments can talk to each other just fine.

Bjorn Eikeland replied:
> Try sysctl net.inet.ip.check_interface=0 - sounds like the same problem 
> i had with my
> bridge a while back.
> good luck!
> Bjorn


That was it!  I didn't even think to check this, since I was unaware 
that it was set to 1 by default in 5.2.

Maybe I'll submit a patch PR for the bridge(4) man page to mention this.

Aaron out.

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