Syntax to block 38 IPs

Jack L. Stone jacks at
Fri Feb 6 12:31:03 PST 2004

Vasenin: Thanks again! My other email crossed with this and looks like
RedAlert may fix the problem themselves -- would be nice and I can forget
this one.

I want to get busy moving on up to IPFW2 and make use of some of the great
new syntax....

At 11:10 PM 2.6.2004 +0300, Vasenin Alexander aka BlackSir wrote:
>Mmmm.... of course
>2. ipfw deny ip from to any
>    ipfw deny ip from to any
>2. ipfw deny ip from to me
>    ipfw deny ip from to me
>> > A follow-up question is that, if I do upgrade, will IPFW2 still
>> use my old
>> > rules until I can get around to tuning/tweaking...??
>In my case(i using ipfw rules to count traffic from our clients. small ISP
>company) - everything works perfect after upgrade ipfw1->ipfw2 with the same

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