Syntax to block 38 IPs

Don Bowman don at
Fri Feb 6 10:09:59 PST 2004

From: Jack L. Stone [mailto:jacks at]
> Am running IPFW on FBSD-4.8p14
> For almost a year (or more), one of my servers has been hammered by
>, a service to which I do not subscribe. My 
> efforts to get them
> to stop has gone ignored. Every night, the server is peppered 
> with their
> "taps".
> Thus, it's time to use a firewall rule to stop it. The 
> problem is that they
> use a broad range of source IPs. The list I show here is only 
> for the past
> 4 days. I don't want to block any innocent IPs and wondered 
> how I could
> best create a rule(s) to stop the 38 IPs below without 38 
> individual lines
> in the rules...?? 
> Appreciate help! Thanks!

deny ip from {,, ...} to any 

this uses IPFW2 I think.

from the shell, remember to escape the { as \{.

you could also send a RST i suppose, but just dropping it is

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