Line limitations with dummynet

Devon H. O'Dell dodell at
Tue Feb 3 03:09:00 PST 2004

First of all -- my understanding of dummynet is that it works on a 
per-connection basis. For instance, if I limit a host to 30KB/s in an attempt 
to get the host to not exceed 300KB/s total transfer, and 11 people start 
transferring, my plain is foiled.

With ALTq it's possible to limit bandwidth on a per-line basis -- is this 
possible with dummynet as well? (For instance, setting up a limitation by 
which a host could not transfer over 100KB/s; if 100 people connected with the 
capability to do so, they'd all receive 1KB/s). The manpage is rather thin 
with information on this subject.

Kind regards,

Devon H. O'Dell

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