DHCP server for freebsd on IPoIB

Kumar, Anmol anmolk at panasas.com
Wed Feb 12 18:53:27 UTC 2020

Inbound packets are pushed by faking header and same is  true for  TX packets  but TX packets does not have dst_family added so IPOIB driver simply returns  with un-supported family and it is dropped.
I have verified this after debugging ipoib driver.


On 2/12/20, 10:45 AM, "Hans Petter Selasky" <hps at selasky.org> wrote:

    On 2020-02-12 18:19, Rodney W. Grimes wrote:
    > Is there support in FreeBSD for bpf at the IB link layer?
    BPF support is added per driver. And from my quick grep, ipoib supports 
    BPF. But the format may have a fake ethernet header.

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