OFED v3.2 update

KrishnamRaju ErapaRaju Krishna2 at chelsio.com
Thu May 12 15:46:16 UTC 2016

Hi Hans,

Looks like rping got changed in the OFED3.2 update patches, I mean, few verbs like ibv_poll_cq(), got replace with experimental verbs like ibv_exp_poll_cq() in rping.c.

But the current Chelsio IWARP drivers are not using these new experimental verbs.

So, running rping for Chelsio devices is hitting the below poll error:

[root at taj ~]#  rping -s -a -Vvd
libibverbs: Warning: couldn't open config directory '/etc/ibverbs/'.
created cm_id 0x801c2d000
rdma_bind_addr successful
cma_event type RDMA_CM_EVENT_CONNECT_REQUEST cma_id 0x801e0f000 (child)
child cma 0x801e0f000
created pd 0x801c2c020
created channel 0x801c2c030
created cq 0x801d08000
created qp 0x801c5e140
rping_setup_buffers called on cb 0x801c1c000
allocated & registered buffers...
accepting client connection request
cq_thread started.
cma_event type RDMA_CM_EVENT_ESTABLISHED cma_id 0x801e0f000 (child)
poll error -78                                            <======ERROR HERE
wait for RDMA_READ_ADV state 11
rping_free_buffers called on cb 0x801c1c000
destroy cm_id 0x801c2d000

Will you be changing rping later such that it will work with IWARP drivers(which does not use experimental verbs)?

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On 04/29/16 15:31, KrishnamRaju ErapaRaju wrote:
> Thank you very much Hans.
> I am yet to root cause " ibv_exp_poll_cq()" error(ENOSYS). I will get back to you soon with the update on this.
> May I know( in gist) about adding experimental verbs(like  ibv_exp_poll_cq) in recent patches.
> Like rping, do the RDMA applications(already written with old ib verbs, not experimental) also needs changes?


libibvers now has a symbol map so that you can choose the version you want to interface. The library should be binary compatible to the old apps.

About the experimental verbs, they come from Mellanox and are not upstream Linux yet. This might be a showstopper :-)


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