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Mellanox Support Admin supportadmin at
Mon Dec 12 21:45:13 UTC 2016

Dear Valued Customer,

We at Mellanox are happy to assist you with your current needs and feel it is important to continue providing our customers with World Class Support in a professional and prompt manner.

Mellanox is dedicated to our customers and strongly feels it is important that at this time we assist you even though you have opted not to take advantage of our many Support contract offerings available to you for all your Mellanox hardware and Software products. . Our World Wide Technical Support Staff’s primary objectives are to provide a personalized level of Support that is unsurpassed in the industry.  

If you feel you have been incorrectly identified as a non contracted Premium Support customer please assist us in correcting this error by providing us with as many of the purchase details as possible. This will assist us greatly in expediting the required research. 

Please consider that this support operation is funded by our contract customers and partners.  Moving forward we  recommend that you consider contacting Mellanox Sales  to find out more about a Support package that best fits your needs so that we can continue to provide a level of Support that has allowed for us to be recognized as a leader in the industry. 

Please send all inquiries to the following address: contracts at

You can also contact any of the regional offices listed below:
North America

    * Western Region
      E-mail: western_usa_sales at
    * Eastern Region
      E-mail: eastern_usa_sales at
    * Latin America Region
      E-mail: latin_america at
    * Central Region
      E-mail: central_usa_sales at
    * Canada Region
      E-mail: canada_sales at


Europe/Middle East

    * European Region
      E-mail: europe_sales at

    * Middle East Region
      E-mail: me_sales at


    * Japan Region
      E-mail: japan_sales at

    * China Region
      E-mail: china_sales at

    * Asia Region
      E-mail: asia_sales at


    * India Region
      E-mail: india_sales at

Best Regards 
Mellanox Support

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