Infiniband subnetmanager and driver compilation on FreeBSD 10.1

Mihai Vintila unixro at
Sat Jun 13 18:43:40 UTC 2015

I've posted in the stable mailing list but i guess this is where i 
should ask.
Can you tell me what is the proper way to get subnet manager working on 
FreeBSD 10.1 ?
I've used RELEASE branch to compile opensm and drivers from Mellanox but 
i get:
ibportstate -G 0xe61d2dfffe0a2130 1 enable
ibpanic: [868] madrpc_init: can't open UMAD port ((null):0): (m)

OpenSM 3.3.1
  Reading Cached Option File: /etc/opensm/opensm.conf
Command Line Arguments:
  Log File: /var/log/opensm.log
OpenSM 3.3.1

Entering DISCOVERING state

Using default GUID 0x0

Error from osm_opensm_bind (0x2A)
Perhaps another instance of OpenSM is already running
Exiting SM

Id Refs Address            Size     Name
  1   27 0xffffffff80200000 1756638  kernel
  2    1 0xffffffff81957000 2681e8   zfs.ko
  3    2 0xffffffff81bc0000 6780     opensolaris.ko
  4    2 0xffffffff81bc7000 17d60    nvme.ko
  5    1 0xffffffff81bdf000 4210     nvd.ko
  6    1 0xffffffff81e11000 357f     ums.ko
  7    3 0xffffffff81e15000 37656    mlx4.ko
  8    2 0xffffffff81e4d000 4e348    ibcore.ko
  9    1 0xffffffff81e9c000 2f72     toecore.ko
10    1 0xffffffff81e9f000 238fa    mlx4ib.ko
11    1 0xffffffff81ec3000 12482    mlxen.ko

Driver that i'm using:
mlx4_core0: <mlx4_core> mem 0xc7400000-0xc74fffff,0xc5000000-0xc57fffff 
irq 32 at device 0.0 on pci2
mlx4_core: Initializing mlx4_core: Mellanox ConnectX VPI driver v2.1.6 
(Jun 12 2015)

mlx4_core0: mlx4_ib_add: allocated counter index 1 for port 1
mlx4_en mlx4_core0: Activating port:1
mlxen0: Ethernet address: e4:1d:2d:0a:21:30
mlx4_en: mlx4_core0: Port 1: Using 12 TX rings
mlxen0: link state changed to DOWN
mlx4_en: mlx4_core0: Port 1: Using 8 RX rings
mlx4_en: mlxen0: Using 12 TX rings
mlx4_en: mlxen0: Using 8 RX rings
mlx4_en: mlxen0: Initializing port

Best regards,
Vintila Mihai Alexandru

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