iSER initiator FreeBSD support [RFC]

Sagi Grimberg sagig at
Tue Jul 14 13:00:37 UTC 2015

Hi All,

We have updated our iser github repository [1] with the latest iser
driver (beta level) additional support and fixes:
- Full Rebase on top of 11-current (r284921)
- Discovery (over iser) support
- Added spec compliance for iser assisted Login message
- HA support (automatic reconnects, traffic failover)
- Split iser from iscsi module (build as a separate module with
   dependancy on iscsi)
- Several stability fixes

The current version of the iser driver is constantly tested in our
nightly regression systems and seems to pass several tests:
- Traffic tests
- Login/logout: basic functionality, non-existent target error flows, stress
- Compliance/FS: diskinfo, newfs, iozone
- HA: Session recovery, IO with port toggling
- Module load/unload

We would like to learn about other open-source test suites that we can
run in our labs.

We feel that the code is ready for inclusion. Would you mind reviewing
our code and provide feedback?

     Branch: iser-rebase-11-current-r284921

Max Gurtovoy
Sagi Grimberg
Mellanox Technologies

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