FreeBSD 11 Infiniband performance / usable?

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at
Sat Jan 10 18:00:07 UTC 2015


I've now got my MT25418's running 'back to back' on a couple of FreeBSD 11 
boxes [amd64 Haswell based] - but the performance seems rather poor using 
them for IPoIB? (iperf sites around 2Mbyte/sec on defaults - rising to 
98Mbyte/sec if I set an MTU of 4k) - default on the card was 64k.

Disabling IBOIB_CM in the kernel doesn't seem to make any difference (under 
10.0 this made a huge difference).

Also - the two boxes have lost site of each other now [I had this problem 
previously with 10.0 - one of the reasons why I was looking at 11].

What's the current state of IB support in FreeBSD 11? - I know a lot of 
work has been done on this - but is it usable yet?

The two machines both have MT25418's fitted running 'back to back' with one 
CX4 cable between them, and opensm running on them (after running the 
kernel sysctl's to switch the ports from 'eth' mode to 'ib').



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