Infiniband under FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT...

Karl Pielorz kpielorz_lst at
Mon Jan 5 23:15:17 UTC 2015


I just built a couple of 11.0-CURRENT r275655M amd64 boxes up, both with:

MT25418 [ConnectX VPI PCIe 2.0 2.5GT/s - IB DDR / 10GigE]

Cards in that appear after boot as 'mlxen0' and 'mlxen1' (they're dual port 

I'd previously run these cards with FreeBSD 10.0. I noticed the Infiniband 
options seem to be in GENERIC now, and opensm/ibstat appears to be in base.

But neither work, i.e.

ibpanic: [1343] main: stat of IB device 'mthca0' failed: (m)


No local ports detected!

Error from osm_opensm_bind (0x2A)
Perhaps another instance of OpenSM is already running
Exiting SM

Things have obviously changed since 10.0 (and I realise this is work in 
progress) - is there a setup guide or anywhere I can lookup how to get this 
working? [presuming it does work :)]



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