Does mlxen work on FreeBSD 10.1 with ConnectX-3

Lewis, Fred flewis at
Thu Feb 5 15:41:13 UTC 2015

Thanks Hans,

Actually, I want to use the port as an Ethernet port.
If my understanding is correct that means the port setting should be

On 2/5/15 12:40 AM, "Hans Petter Selasky" <hps at> wrote:

>On 02/05/15 00:26, Lewis, Fred wrote:
>> Hi FreeBSD IB folks,
>> I'm trying to bring up a Mellanox Ethernert Interface and it is showing
>>as "no carrier."
>> The cables were swapped out with a known good one and it didn't seem to
>>make any difference.
>> The remote peer port is admin UP.
>> I've built the KLDs using the latest FreeBSD OFED stuff (v2.1.5).
>> The build machine is different from the machine that I'm loading the
>>KLDs on.
>> The build machine does not have any OFED options or devices installed.
>Try setting:
>sysctl sys.device.mlx4_core0.mlx4_port1=ib

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