Switchless FreeBSD/Ubuntu "eth" mode

Jonathan Wong jon.the.wong at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 01:45:38 UTC 2015

I've been able to get ipoib working in "ib" mode between a FreeBSD and
Ubuntu machine. The machines are directly connected without a switch, so in
"ib" mode I run SMs. I've been able to ping and transfer files over the ib
interfaces via static ip addresses I've statically defined.

In "eth" mode, I can't seem to get the machines connected or ping either
machine using static ip addresses I've assigned to the interfaces. "ibstat"
shows that at least one set of interfaces is up. tcpdump on mlxen0, and
mlxen1 (freebsd) and eth1 (ubuntu) show outgoing ARP requests when pinging,
but no replies.

Is there a utility to debug whether eth mode is working in a switchless


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