Kernel module?

Jason Bacon jwbacon at
Wed May 7 16:48:57 UTC 2014

For userland tools, is it still recommended to do a buildworld, or is a 
more targeted approach possible?

E.g., I'm thinking it might suffice to set WITH_OFED='yes' in src.conf 
and just rebuild select tools/libs.  There appear to be things outside 
contrib/ofed and sys/modules that need to be rebuilt, but I wouldn't 
want to try and determine what they are on my own.



On 05/06/14 23:39, Oded Shanoon wrote:
> Hi,
> We (Mellanox) already did that in FreeBSD-10.0.
> You can go to sys/modules and compile + kldload the following modules (in that specific order): mlx4, ibcore, mlx4ib, ipoib.
> We are planning on refining it and break ib_core into smaller modules (ib_sa, ib_mad...) on our next commit.
> Regards,
> Oded Shanoon
> OFED-FreeBSD Team Leader
> Mellanox Technologies, Raanana
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> Does anyone know if are any plans for converting the IB stack to a loadable kernel module?  At present, freebsd-update will remove IB support if it updates the kernel, making it necessary to do another buildkernel following the updates.
> Certain other updates might necessitate a buildworld as well, which would also be nice to eliminate.
> Thanks,
>       Jason
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