mlxen drivers/adapters: potential problem: inactivity requires ifconfig nudge to wake up?

John Jasen jjasen at
Tue Jun 10 14:17:58 UTC 2014

I came back to my test environment after a long weekend of it being
idle, and resumed some bandwidth/packets-per-second testing where I left
off last week.

The tests all failed, with errors similar to 'unable to connect'. I
could generally ping through the interfaces, but trying to tickle a TCP
port timed out.

The first interface, I did a manual ifconfig down and ifconfig up to
bring it back to life.

I looped through most of the interfaces; adjusting the mlxenSOMENUM
tx_size and rx_size (which brings the interface down and up when
changed), and now my tests are working again.

I've encountered this before if the test equipment was left alone
overnight or so. Any pointers as to what could be the cause?

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