rping, krping and libibverbs

Sourish Mazumder sourish at cloudbyte.com
Tue Jul 8 12:24:17 UTC 2014

Does rping and krping work with freebsd9.2, mellanox connectX3 and OFED?

What is the extent of support for libibverbs in freebsd. I see that
userspace rdma binaries are not working because the library is not able to
find the device - /sys/class/infiniband/uverbs0. The libibverbs README also
mentions about a device /dev/infiniband/uverbs0.
In my freebsd9.2, i only see the /dev/uverbs0 device.
I see that the code which creates the device -
/sys/class/infiniband/uverbs0, is commented in the kernel.

Are userspace rdma verbs, well supported on freebsd? If not, what is the
best way to implement rdma data transfer in the kernel? Write your own ULP?

Sourish Mazumder
CloudByte Inc.

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