Richard Kagerer richardk at
Wed Feb 20 00:40:20 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the list; please be gentle.

I'm running NAS4Free (based on FreeBSD 9.1) and managed to compile a custom kernel to get my Infiniband card working (MHGH28-XTC).

I'd like to run OpenSM on this node, and am trying to figure out where the binary would be located, or how to add it.  I'm very new to FreeBSD; would appreciate any pointers you can provide.

Also while I'm here, are there any known solutions to the issue described here?

I was getting the same error jasch was ("kernel: ib1: packet len 4203 (> 2044) too long to send, dropping") until I set my MTU to 2044.  My two computers are connected directly (no switch).  Would like to try bigger MTU's to see if they help my iSCSI / CIFS performance.

Thanks in advance; glad to find a community of FreeBSD Infiniband enthusiasts!


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