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On Wed, 5 Sep 2012, Mark Blackman wrote:


> On 5 Sep 2012, at 09:20, "Sergey V. Dyatko" <sergey.dyatko at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Today I setup test jail on my laptop with head/amd64 and trying to use
>> pkgng, as I can see we have just one(?) host for
>> that host doesn't respond 'quickly' (for me):
>> I have some 'free' resources for mirroring and ready to become official
>> mirror.
>> In private mail bapt@ wrote "Package beta, is temporary and will be
>> removed quite soon (I hope)".
>> So my questions is:
>> 1) when it will be removed?
>> 2) I'm confused...  Is the project does not need more resources ? (5.2
>> on [1]).
> I believe the plan is to move to a small set of globally distributed
> pkgng mirrors which are directly administered by those, while
> leaving the existing ad-hoc mirrors in place.
> As for schedules, that's less clear, other than quite soon (2-3 months?)

So let me unofficially leak a few more things here:

1) the tool is out as version 1.0; there will certainly be updates coming.
    You talk to bapt about that.

2) as bapt said in the announcement email pkgbeta.f.o is for testing
    and best effort.

3) no officially supported sets of pkg packages are published yet
    in my view.

4) we (FreeBSD) will be running the own official mirrors much the same
    way as indicated on the SVN mirror thread.  This will be what we
    will be supporting.

5) you will be able to run your own mirror, for your local community/enterprise
    if you'll feel you'll need to do that.  We will ask you not to
    do that under * but it could be another local domain.
    However we (and you (plural)) will have to see and find out how
    things will go.  Please understand that with each mirror great
    advocacy statistics are reduced. Also udnerstand that we are not
    just doing it for statistics reasons.
    We will provide rsync access for people who wish mirror.

6) We currently setup mirrors at us-west, us-east, are in the progress
    for one in the EU and will be looking for more, esp, Asia after
    that.  We may be looking for 2nd sites in these areas if needed but
    we want see first.

7) Currently scheduled requirements are full root, isolated fully
    dedicated to FreeBSD machines/cluster resources for these mirror
    sites, not operated by any third party, but hands on for hardware,

8) for pkg mirrors, we are currently starting with about 7TB (yeah,
    you read correctly seven Terabyte as a start) of disk space
    requirements just for pkg packages and to hold them for up to a year.
    We'll also see how that'll work out, esp. if we might get more
    arch/platform sets in the future but it's a huge *up* from the
    current total of ftp space we have on mirrors.

9) The timeline for this to become public depends on a couple of
    factors, in part setup, in part package building, in part shaking
    out procedures and a few of us did quite some talking during
    the Cambridge Devsummit about this.  A few weeks to end this year
    depending on branch might be expected; I would assume HEAD comes
    first, stbale/9 after that at some time.
    We hope to publish more detailed information as things proceed.


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