new low level hardware support list

图潘 patula777 at
Sun Jan 8 00:37:53 UTC 2012

Hi everybody,

I'd like to point out the coming (inofficial) hardware support list for
currently hosted for testing at

The main purpose of this project is to look up supported hardware and their
corresponding configuration in the most detailed way.

At the moment we are at a stage where we require some input in order to
start evaluating the data.

What we need:

We need a few dumps from your freebsd machines, (pciconf, dmesg and
Paste them in the dump form and set a few options afterwards.
The whole procedure will take no more than 2 minutes.


I am note posting this in the forum for a couple of reasons.
First of all, at the beginning we only require a few dumps in order to
start evaluating, so we do not need too many posters.
Second, we do not want to differentiate (too much) with spam and real
posters and sort out the mess in the database, as our
data validation is still very basic.

We have also set up an error/feedback reporting tool, there is no
registration required. Feel welcome to use it if you have some criticism.

Additional outcome of this project:

>From the user input we are able to
+ map device id's to their corresponding device classes
+ map chipsets to vendor/device id's
+ map detailed device information to notebooks.

The first two mappings do not exist yet (at least we could not find them on
the web).
Those lists, once having enough data will be available for download to help
other people process the data.

There are possibly some more mappings to come.

Further stages:

Once we have enough data and have evaluated it all, we will simplify the
input procedure so that most recognition is automated.
This step will require some time, as we will have to go through all the
dumps and find the correct relation in dmesg, pciconf, kldstat etc.

After having a sufficient base of chipset mappings we will be able to read
out the man pages and create the device support from that based on the pci
device id,
which will further accelerate the growth of the list.

As a note, this is not an official project by freebsd, nor a commercial
site. It is only a contribution
site we do in our spare times. If anybody would like to support, check out
the todo list at the site.


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