SiI 3132 goes crazy and marks both disks as "Reserved" after each reboot

Dieter BSD dieterbsd at
Tue Jul 19 19:17:33 UTC 2011

> I've added SiI 3132-based controller with two SATA disks to system,
> and almost lost my sanity: "gstripe" configuration becomes lost after
> each reboot. After some investigation, I found, that after each reboot
> last sector of disk contains SiI meta-information instead of

I have a couple of SiI 3132 controllers (Masscool XWT-PCIE10) with
GPT partitioned disks, and the last sectors still appear to contain
the Sec GPT headers after several reboots.

> How to reset this state? And where SiI controller store information
> (additional to last sector)?

I suspect your card's BIOS code.  You could see if your mainboard
has an option to not run expansion card BIOS code.  You could see if
there is a better version of BIOS code available for your card.

If all else fails, you could create a backup copy of the last sector
and have dd(1) restore it from rc.local or cron @reboot.

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