Dual core AMD64 4400+ X2 works fine on Abit AV8

David Xu davidxu at freebsd.org
Wed Sep 21 04:17:58 PDT 2005

Alexander Konovalenko wrote:

>Recently I have upgraded my "old" AMD64 3000+ 1.8Ghz (running 5.4-STABLE 
>amd64) to dual core AMD64 4400+ X2 2.2Ghz.
> So far everything works fine, I have not measured performance yet, but 
>roughly one 4400+ core is 20% better than 3000+ from FFT-like floating point 
>computations (double precision).
> I am used to run micromagnetic simulations (OOMMF), computationally intensive 
>tasks consuming about 100Mb memory in my case. There is no much performance 
>benefit in upgrade from 3000+ to 4400+, however 1Mb cache for each core, 
>comparing with 512K cache, is pretty noticeable, especially when I run 2 
>tasks at the same time.
The only problem of X2 is its price. :-(
Fortunately, I have got a Dell dimension 9100 which is PentiumD based, after
fighted it for a while, I have successfully installed -CURRENT on it, 
the culprit is
USB keyboard.  :)

David Xu

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