Disks not found

Nickolay V. Krylov antenne at mail.ru
Sun Sep 18 11:16:37 PDT 2005

Hello freebsd-hardware,

I'm trying to install freebsd 5.4-release from ISO image on GA 8IR2003
motheboard with ICH2 Intel IDE Controller, but it say that "disks not found".

I'd checked my dmesg log and seen
atapci0: Intel ICH2.... Controller
ata0: .... channel
ata1: .... channel

but no ad0, ad1 drives.

There are two identical Seagate ST340014A 40G drives, both on primary
channel, and one NEC CDRW as secondary slave.
When booting, kernel trying to detect DMA mode available and i got

ata1-master: .... error .. status 7f ...

This clear enought, as no device at ata1-master present.

CDRW detected successfully as acd0, and I was able to run "Fixit" from
live CD filesystem.

I'd tried play with hw.ata.ata_dma, hw.ata.atapi_dma, hw.ata.wc values
in loader (set all these =0) without result.

I never try to install any freebsd on this machine before. Windows
work with both drives excellently.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
 Nickolay                            mailto:antenne at mail.ru

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