Blade Servers w/ SAN backend ... anyone doing this?

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Wed Sep 14 11:22:32 PDT 2005

I'm talking to my supplier about going this root, and am having problems 
finding out if I can even do it :(

I was pointed to jcagle's page on the HP Blade stuff 
(, but what I can't seem to find is how 
to connect the Blade<->SAN ...

>From what little I've learnt so far, there is an HP Fiber Channel 
controller that is used to connect the Blade to the SAN, but I can't find 
anywhere that indicates that there is a FreeBSD driver for it ...

Is anyone running such a configuration right now?

Also, another thing that was mentioned to me was the ability to 'boot on 
SAN', instead of having drives in the Blade itself ... is this something 
that can be done with FreeBSD, and, if so, is there anywhere on the web I 
can read up on this?

Thanks ...

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