[OT] BIOS Beep Codes on Intel Server with AMI BIOS ...

Samuel Clements sclements at linkline.com
Tue Sep 13 11:10:30 PDT 2005

That is probably the RAID controller...

That particular beep code means, "Controller startup was successful."

Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> I hate to ask, but am running out of places and would *really* like to 
> get this server online sometime soon ...
> I have a new Intel SE7520JR2 DDR2 based server, FreeBSD 4-STABLE is 
> installed on it and running great ... *but* ... whenever I boot up, I 
> get beeps ... specifically, "beep-pause-beepbeepbeep" ... the first beep 
> isn't a long one though, and I can't find anywhere that talks about all 
> short beeps like that ...
> Does anyone have experience with Beep Codes that might be able to give 
> some clue?
> I've upgraded the BIOS to the latest 8.10, and, as I say above, the 
> server appears to run fine, but putting something into production that 
> has a "questionable boot" tends to make me a bit nervous ...
> Thanks ...
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