About CD-RW

Yuri Grebenkin rainbreath at hotpop.com
Sat Jan 31 14:40:44 PST 2004

Hi. I gonna replace my CD-ROM with a CD-RW drive.
I use FreeBSD 4.9 system, Acorp 694XA (VIA VT82C694X, VIA VT82C686B) 
It provides PIO, Bus Master, UDMA 33/66/100 modes on both ata0 and ata1.

Please give me a suggestion what brand or model to buy.
What CD-RW can be used under FreeBSD without problems?

I use nVidia video card and really can't get it work properly 'cause of 
broken drivers from nvidia.com I think. So I want to be sure.

And another little question. What is better to have both CD-RW and HDD on 
one ata0 (master and slave) or HDD on ata0 and CD-RW on ata1? What gives 
best performance? I think that best one is when they are on different, 
bacause it become possible to only read via one and only write via other 
while copying data. Is it that way?

Thank you.
Best regards.


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