Permanently disabling alarm on Intel RAID controller ...

Samuel Clements sclements at
Thu Jan 29 08:51:27 PST 2004

Assuming your running FreeBSD, you can run storcon from the console of the 
machine once you download it from Intel at:

or, there is always the small piece of tape over the speaker trick...

At 07:10 AM 1/29/2004, Marc G. Fournier wrote:

>Sent this earlier, but just thought of something
>We have an SRCU42L controller in one of our machines whose alarm is going
>off due to a hard drive failure ... its driving the techs up the wall
>right now, so we'd like to disable it until the new drive gets in ...
>gonig into the onboard console and doing the Advanced F4 silences the
>alarm, but only until we reboot ...
>Is there no way of just turning it off so that it doesn't go off?  and we
>can turn it back on again once the drive is replaced?
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