LSI MegaRaid ATA 133-2 install question

Chris Knight cknight at
Tue Jan 27 08:31:28 PST 2004

Thanks Andrew,

That certainly goes along with the results of my testing on this unit.

Would you happen to know if I purchased a Promise card, is it capable of 
auto-rebuilding the mirror when a drive is replaced, or does that have 
to be done at the console using the board's BIOS?

I've been using vinum for years, but I am now spoiled by my DAC960 cards 
and how they will auto-rebuild a replaced drive.  I think ATA RAID 
controllers have a long way to go...


Andrew Chan wrote:

> If I remember correctly, the LSI MegaRaid ATA 133-2 is just a Sil0680 board
> with a fancier customized BIOS.
> FreeBSD 4.x (not sure about 5.x, but likely not) doesn't support the Sil0680
> chip in RAID mode. It only supports it as a normal IDE ATA100/133 non-RAID
> controller.
> The only ATA RAID cards/chips that FreeBSD 4.x supports are HighPoint 370
> (36x?) and the Promise line of chips.
> Andrew

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