LCD Displays with FreeBSD

Brian Skrab brian at
Mon Jan 26 09:16:25 PST 2004


I have recently installed a Matrix Orbital BLC2021-GW serial LCD kit, 
and am using LCDproc to drive it.  I installed the LCDproc software from 
the ports tree without any trouble whatsoever.  Configuration was 
extremely simple as the distributed configuration file contains plenty 
of comments to point you in the right direction.  The LCDproc hardware 
compatibility page, maintained by the authors, contains a section 
concerning Crystalfontz hardware.

I have no experience using USB nor graphical displays with this 
software, so I cannot comment to its compatibility with them.  I chose 
to use a serial display as it appears, from my research, to be the most 
compatible hardware and I've no need for the extra speed provided by USB 
(compatibility over "features").

Hope this helps.


shs-bsd wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> is it possible to run a LCD Display (like the Crystalfontz 634) with FreeBSD
> so that I can see the CPU Load, Network usage etc. ?
> I know there is a programm called LCDproc, has anyone of you running
> this program? How does it work?
> Are there any other programms like LCDproc that run under FreeBSD?
> And what types of LCDs are supportet (Parallel, Serial, USB)?
> And one last question: Can I also use Graphical LCDs?
> Thanks,
> Steffen

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