Choosing a video card - Nvidia or ATI

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Tue Jan 13 10:25:52 PST 2004

I'm running a Geforce MX 420 w/ 64MB RAM in my 4.9-RELEASE box at home
w/ Nvidia's latest FreeBSD drivers, and I'd almost say that Quake 3,
RTCW - ET, and America's Army run as fast as, if not faster on FreeBSD
that on the Linux equivalent (currently Mandrake-20031231, 2,6 kernel). 
FPS is slightly better in Windows XP SP1 w/ latest Detonator drivers,
but my FreeBSD box is far more stable (all on the same box, same
hardware, quad-boot configuration).  No crashes/lockups/instabilities

AFAIK, the same FreeBSD Nvidia Detonator drivers should work for all
TNT2 and GeForce-based chipsets, including the 52XX series.
On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 09:54, Louis Munro wrote:
> Greetings O repository of knowledge and wisdom...
> I have been building myself a new computer in the last weeks and I am now almost done except for choosing a video card. I have been reading up on the matter but some things remain confused after reading through both this list and, namely what support I might expect for things such as accelerated graphics using either an Nvidia or ATI chipset.
> These are the cards I am considering: 
> - Asus V9520 TD (nvidia GFX 5200)
> - Asus ATI Radeon 9600 SE
> - MSI GFX FX5600XT-TD128 
> I had tought that the ATI chipset was unsupported (at least until the release of Xfree86 4.4) until I read of someone using a Radeon 9600 on this list. At the same time I don't see any mention of the nvidia Geforce FX on the list of supported drivers for xfree86. Is that because it's simply covered by the "Geforce DDR" category or is it still unsupported at this point?
> So based on actual experience and knowledge, what can I expect from these three? I might be willing to forgo 3d acceleration if I can get decent performance as 2D for general window managing and such as the 3D functions are probably going to end up being used to play games running Windows anyway. 
> Both the Asus V9520 TD (nvidia GFX 5200) and the Asus ATI Radeon 9600 SE support a second VGA output. Has anyone had any experience using that function? I have an old monitor which I would press into service if it works.
> Any advice is welcome. I'm still a recent convert to FreeBSD so things that may be obvious to others might not be so to me ;~)
> Louis 
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