S-ATA RAID Controllers Revisited

jhinkle at gnax.net jhinkle at gnax.net
Mon Jan 12 10:56:53 PST 2004

we have the same problem.

> Hello, Everyone.
> I have just completely replaced my server farm with new machines built
> around the Asus A7N8X system board which includes a pair of these RAID
> controllers on the board.  The Windoze driver supports RAID  interleaving
> for faster performance or RAID 1 to create mirrored pairs.
> FreeBSD 5.1 found the RAID controller but failed to install a driver.  I'm
> not certain whether I might need to roll a custom kernel for that function
> or if I might find a 3rd party driver that will work.  Really all I want
> is RAID 1.  I have a file server and mirrored pairs meet my particular
> need best.
> For those of you who might want to experiment a bit, two brand new hard
> drives by the same manufacturer and of the same size can be mirrored very
> satisfactorily using rsync.  This is not "RAID" in the strict sense of the
> word, however the end results are so similar that I doubt anyone
> blindfolded would know whether the drive had been mirrored with a RAID
> controller or with rsync.
> Since I have the raid controllers I thought I'd try them - if I can get a
> driver.  If not then I'll use "plan b" and mirror a drive in each
> enclosure using rsync as a nightly procedure in addition to my regular
> backup routine.
> If any of you intrepid Digital Pioneers know of an appropriate driver,
> please share your knowledge.
> Thanks and I hope your day is filled with joy and prosperity.
> D. Clark Mankin
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