Support for affordable S-ATA RAID controllers (xs4)

Rogier Krieger rogier at
Sun Jan 4 11:10:19 PST 2004

Hi everyone,

a friend of mine and I are thinking a BSD (NetBSD or FreeBSD) system
and would like to have RAID-1 hardware. Preferably, an affordable
S-ATA RAID version. So far, we're wondering which controller would be
a good choice.

What we've come up with so far are the Adaptec 1210SA S-ATA RAID
controller and a Promise S150 TX2Plus RAID which seem affordable. I
have some experience with 3Ware's Escalade models, but they are
rather expensive. Hence our search for alternatives.

Checking the hardware support pages, I could not find these models
(or indication of similar models/ranges) in the hardware notes. Is
there anyone with experience with the Adaptec 1210 or Promise S150
cards or are they unsupported. If unsupported, is there anyone with
advice of affordable alternative S-ATA RAID controllers?

Thanks in advance,

Rogier Krieger

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