Wireguard Controversy Statement

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Mon Mar 22 04:22:20 UTC 2021

Dear FreeBSD community,

Core is sending this message to the users, developers, and supporters of
the FreeBSD community. Per recent inquiries from the press, this is being
shared as our official statement.

Core unconditionally values the work of all contributors, and seeks a
culture of cooperation, respect, and collaboration. The public discourse
over WireGuard in the past week does not meet these standards and is
damaging to our community if not checked. As such, WireGuard development
for FreeBSD will now proceed outside of the base system. For those who wish
to evaluate, test, or experiment with WireGuard, snapshots will be
available via the ports and package systems.

As a project, we remain committed to continually improving our development
process. We’ll also continue to refine our tooling to make code reviews and
continuous integration easier and more effective. The Core Team asks that
the community use these tools and work together to improve FreeBSD.

The FreeBSD Core Team

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