FreeBSD Bugathon January 16th 2000UTC

Tom Jones thj at
Sun Jan 10 13:25:27 UTC 2021

Hello Hackers,

On the 16th January 2021 from 2000 UTC for about 4 hours we will be running a
coordinated virtual Bugathon. FreeBSD has a Problem Report (PR) database[1]
where users and developers are encouraged to file issues and regressions they
find in both the base system and ports tree.

A Bugathon is a focused session where we try to triage, process, fix and close
as many reports as we can from the PR database. We held two successful
Bugathons in 2020 and we hope to continue this pattern into 2021.

This Bugathon we are going to try and focus on issues related to the branching
of 13 on the 22nd of January.

Previously we used google meet through out the day to have a live voice channel
and it proved to be a really helpful resource to get immediate answers to

This Bugathon we are going to do live coordination using the FreeBSD Discord
server[2] to coordinate work, triage and discuss PRs and patches. If Discord is
too scary there will also be people in the #freebsd-bugs irc channel freenode.

I look forward to joining you to squash bugs and commit fixes to improve

- Tom


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