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Wed Dec 30 22:56:26 UTC 2020

On Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 10:16:44PM +0100, Miroslav Lachman wrote:
>On 30/12/2020 20:24, CerebrosuS wrote:
>>Am 30.12.20 um 20:05 schrieb Miroslav Lachman:
>>>On 30/12/2020 18:57, CerebrosuS wrote:
>>>>Hello at all,
>>>>the community and developer at FreeBSD seem to know, that SMBv1 for
>>>>clients is nearly over and that the included mount_smbfs doesn't support
>>>>newer versions. So good, so far...
>>>>So I can find multiple information about the situation, but no clear
>>>>path on how FreeBSD community and developer will go on to solve this
>>>>missing function. (Just got the information on:
>>>>This is what I am asking:
>>>>- Is there a project existing for solving this problem (with whatever
>>>>- What is the way to go in future? Extend mount_smbfs or support the
>>>>fuse-smbnetfs part to be stable and fast like mount_smbfs (buggy and
>>>>laggy here)?
>>>>- Who is mainly working on it, if a project already exist?
>>>>I'am just interested, cause of not finding such information clearly. Is
>>>>there maybe a general project management list / team to see what
>>>>projects are going on in whatever state?
>>>>I am a hobby developer mainly coming from chemical engineering side,
>>>>having some time to help. I've already written some cross platform
>>>>software but never related to network or on os-level. So I am motivated
>>>>to invest some time in getting stuff into FreeBSD, but for me, there is
>>>>a lack on information (see above).
>>>>Thank you in advance for information and help.
>>>I was involved in the thread linked by Gleb. AFAIK nothing changed from
>>>that time. I tried something from ports but it has more problems (shares
>>>cannot be mounted on boot like mount_smbfs does).
>>>If somebody has time and skills to try to bring SMBv2 or v3 to FreeBSD
>>>then Apple or Solaris sources is good start. The both were using the
>>>same mount_smbfs (v1) as FreeBSD so one can check their sources and see
>>>how they evolve to v2 / v3.
>>They are both using exactly the same source code as a starting point and
>>extend it (or rewrite it) to SMBv2?
>They are based on the ported code. Apple Mac OS X and Solaris have 
>different kernel so they needed modified port of the same code as was 
>in FreeBSD back in the days (there is the same copyright header). 
>Apple sources or Solaris sources cannot be used directly on FreeBSD 
>but some skilled developer can look in to those sources to see their 
>evolution. But as was already noted v2 and v3 are very different from 
>v1. It will be hard to port but not impossible.
>Current solutions in ports (fusefs) are almost useless in server 
>Miroslav Lachman
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Hi folks,

Assuming that the reasons for not using fuse in a server environment are related 
primarily to performance and that the implementation that was in base used to be 
quite out-of-date, has this at all been reevalulated since a new version was 
merged? [1]

Daniel Ebdrup Jensen

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