sys/fs/nfsclient on RTEMS gets a bad seqid error with open

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Dec 30 22:33:23 UTC 2020


I am porting the kernel's nfsclient file system to the RTEMS port of FreeBSD. I
have ported across the FreeBSD file descriptors, VFS and NFS code. I have a
custom pseudofs file system as my root file system and I can mount an NFSv4
mount exported from a FreeBSD 12 box.

When I open a file there are a some getattr RPC calls that are successful
however the open call (PUTFH, OPEN, GETATTR) results in the server returning the
bas seqid (10026) error code for the OPEN and I am not sure why this is
happening. I suspect I am missing a step in the nfsclient set up.

Any hints or help would be most welcome.


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