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Wed Dec 30 19:24:35 UTC 2020

Am 30.12.20 um 20:05 schrieb Miroslav Lachman:
> On 30/12/2020 18:57, CerebrosuS wrote:
>> Hello at all,
>> the community and developer at FreeBSD seem to know, that SMBv1 for
>> clients is nearly over and that the included mount_smbfs doesn't support
>> newer versions. So good, so far...
>> So I can find multiple information about the situation, but no clear
>> path on how FreeBSD community and developer will go on to solve this
>> missing function. (Just got the information on:
>> This is what I am asking:
>> - Is there a project existing for solving this problem (with whatever
>> target)?
>> - What is the way to go in future? Extend mount_smbfs or support the
>> fuse-smbnetfs part to be stable and fast like mount_smbfs (buggy and
>> laggy here)?
>> - Who is mainly working on it, if a project already exist?
>> I'am just interested, cause of not finding such information clearly. Is
>> there maybe a general project management list / team to see what
>> projects are going on in whatever state?
>> I am a hobby developer mainly coming from chemical engineering side,
>> having some time to help. I've already written some cross platform
>> software but never related to network or on os-level. So I am motivated
>> to invest some time in getting stuff into FreeBSD, but for me, there is
>> a lack on information (see above).
>> Thank you in advance for information and help.
> I was involved in the thread linked by Gleb. AFAIK nothing changed from
> that time. I tried something from ports but it has more problems (shares
> cannot be mounted on boot like mount_smbfs does).
> If somebody has time and skills to try to bring SMBv2 or v3 to FreeBSD
> then Apple or Solaris sources is good start. The both were using the
> same mount_smbfs (v1) as FreeBSD so one can check their sources and see
> how they evolve to v2 / v3.

They are both using exactly the same source code as a starting point and
extend it (or rewrite it) to SMBv2?

> But it is out of my skill. I am not
> developer. I am just an extensive user of SMB mounted shares from
> Windows servers.
That might also be my problem, cause I've never written an application
for network nor anything related to FreeBSD on os-level. But if no one
starts, nothing might change at all.

> Kind regards
> Miroslav Lachman

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